Gordon Ramsay Teaches Katy Perry How to Cook

Katy Perry gets Gordon Ramsay to help her prepare a meal

Friday, June 9th, Katy Perry released her fourth studio album, Witness. To help promote her album, Perry had a weekend long live stream where celebrity guests celebrity guests and her would do fun things or have conversations. To celebrate her song “Bon Appétit”, the pop star brought on chef Gordon Ramsay to teach her how to cook.

Perry and Ramsay both cooked slightly spicy meatballs sat on a spaghetti of zucchini, with tomato sauce finished with fresh basil and oregano. Instead of Perry watching Ramsay making the meal, Ramsay would be verbally guiding Perry while a divider would be blocking Perry’s view of what Ramsay was doing. Ramsay’s quick and specific directions made Perry panic and realize the hard work professional chefs put in to preparing a meal.

Once Perry and Ramsay created the final product, Perry and Ramsay tried each others dishes. Perry was very satisfied with Ramsay’s meatballs while Ramsay thought that Perry’s meatballs lack seasoning. To conclude the cooking session, Perry said “You can call my meatballs bland, but never call my music bland” and Ramsay responds saying “Never”.

Check out Perry’s and Ramsay’s cook off here:


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