How Much Did Gal Gadot Make for Wonder Woman?

No one can deny the outstanding success Wonder Woman has had in the last couple of weeks.  The summer blockbuster brought $100.5 million in domestic sales and broke not only records for box office and female directors but also, the glass ceiling for women in Hollywood.  Or so one thought?  Turns out Gal Gadot was paid $300,000 for her record breaking performance.


Henry Cavill

According to Variety, in 2014 Gadot stated that she signed a contract saying she would receive $300,000 for each film within that same contract (Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.  $300,000 is not a bad number.  In fact, other actors in other superhero movies get paid the same amount.  Chris Evan, who plays Marvel’s Captain America apparently is also paid a similar amount per movie as Gadot.  Yet, when you compare Gal Gadot’s paycheck with that of her co-star’s one will notice a significant gap.  Forbes magazine reported that Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, was paid $14 million for his first Superman film.

Cavill’s paycheck does sound unreal, but most of his earnings from Man of Steel were probably from his bonuses for box office performances.  This would not be the first time an actor has made an insane amount of money because of box office performances.  Robert Downey Jr. once made $50 million as Ironman in The Avengers.  Therefore, while Gal Gadot’s current paycheck does not seem to justify her performance as Wonder Woman there is still cash coming her way.  If Gadot has signed a similar contract as that of Henry Cavill’s she should be getting paid more than the actor considering the greater success Wonder Woman has had with reviews and at the box office. Vanity Fair stated in their article that, perhaps, Gal Gadot will help smash more records by becoming “the first woman to get paid $50 million for a superhero movie.”  Well we all dare to hope so.  Rooting for you Gal!

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