Jaime Pressly is Pregnant with Twins!

Jaime Pressly, from CBS’s Mom, confirms to People Magazine that she is expecting twins.  Pressly and her longtime boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi are very excited about the big news, the couple have been trying to have kids for a while. Pressly also expressed her shock that she is going to have twins, since there is no history of twins in her family nor her boyfriends.

“Twins don’t run on either side of our families so we were completely shocked,” says the actress, who discovered she was pregnant after taking a Clear Blue pregnancy test. “This wasn’t IVF or anything like that. It was just a shock, and I’m like, ‘Doctor, that’s impossible!’ ”

Jaime Pressly, already has a ten year-old son, Dezi, with her ex-boyfriend (Eric Calvo).  Dezi and Hijazi have been a great support for Pressly, who is now out of her first trimester.  Jaime also expressed her excitement about being pregnant, especially now since she is older.

“I’m 10 years older than I was the last time [I was pregnant], so the pregnancy is completely different,” she says. “They’ve been doing like, river dance on my uterus! I’m excited to do this 10 years later when I’m older and wiser and more calm. It’s going to be a totally different experience, but a great one. I’m so excited for it!”

The actress announced her pregnancy on instagram, showing a Clear Blue pregnancy test and saying that Dezi is going to have two new siblings.

Congratulations Jaime Pressly!

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