Kylie Jenner Announces New Show “Life of Kylie”

by: Maryelin Ramos

The Kylie Jenner empire is now increasing as the reality T.V show star and Creator of the Kylie lip kits is getting her own television show outside of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. On Sunday night the finale of the 13th season of the Kardashian’s show aired and left fans with an emotional look on what the family hopes will come next in the chapters of each others lives, just as viewers of  thought they would have to wait a while till they see the Kardashians on their television screens again a commercial releases showing clips of Kylie’s next move which is her own show starting in August.

The trailer showed many clips of Kylie struggling through her fame and friendships even showing a clip where she says “I’m so over this” before getting out the car into the red carpet. Kylie Jenner also says that the show is a gift for fans to understand her life a little better and how she just wants to be a normal teenager even with the pressure of constantly having to keep up a certain image.

The show will definitely get many views because if we have learned anything from Kylie fanatics is that they are very loyal to the star, from the many sold out Lip kits with the famous lip dripping design which sell out within the hour they are released and the thousands who shown up to her pop up shops to buy Kylie cosmetics or merchandise. Jenner has been under the spotlight since her families show aired on channel E! back in 2007 and is giving viewers a even personal look inside her life since the show will be all about Kylie, especially because those who watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” every Sunday can agree that we don’t get as much Kylie as many fans would enjoy.

“Life of Kylie” will air on August 6th at 9/8C.

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