Little Mix Gets Criticized During the Manchester Benefit Concert

Despite honoring and helping to raise money for the Manchester victims Little Mix still gets criticized

During the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert on June 4th, several performers came together to raise money to help out the victims and families affected by the Manchester attack. The lineup at this concert included so many famous artists which all of them promoted messages of peace, love and unity, however one of the acts received a lot of criticism and that was UK girl group, Little Mix.

Little Mix has been a dominating force in music in the United Kingdom ever since they won the UK X Factor in 2011. Having the girl group perform at “One Love Manchester” is good since it will attract more fans to go to and watch the concert as well as donate to the victims of the Manchester attack. Little Mix performed their chart topping single “Wings” at the benefit concert which is a good choice as the song promotes self-love and rising above hatred. Before performing, one member of the group, Jade, said “The song we’ve chosen to do for you guys, we wrote together a few years ago in the hopes that it will empower people to stand together and to not let anything bring them down. Manchester, this is ‘Wings’.”. The performance was very empowering and the lyrics were very motivational but some people didn’t focus on that, instead they focused on the group’s outfits.

Many people criticized Little Mix for their outfits because many of them thought it was not appropriate for the occasion as well some people thought the outfits were too provocative to be wearing in general.

Even though the girl group received much criticism, many people defended Little Mix as well.

It’s ridiculous that despite Little Mix’s contributions to help out a serious issue, people are not focusing on the group’s generosity and performance but are focusing on their outfits. The song “Wings” is an anthem about loving yourself and expressing yourself regardless of what anyone thinks and it seems like while it is an uplifting song for the “One Love Manchester” concert, the song is showing relevance to the career of Little Mix. Little Mix can wear whatever they want to and people should focus on the cause and the music not how people choose to dress.

Check out Little Mix’s performance here:

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