Mattel Has Just Diversified the Ken Doll

Ken is starting to represent men of all different skin tones, body types, and hair styles

Mattel has just announced a new line of Ken dolls that represent men with all types of skin tones, body types and hair styles. Now that the idea of the Ken doll is getting made over, it really helps with making there inclusion of different cultures and body types. The new line of Ken dolls called “the Fashionistas line” includes seven different skin tones, three different body types, eight different hair colors, and nine different hair styles.

The new line of Ken dolls has also comes with a wide variety of wardrobe options. A ken doll can wear tank tops, graphic t-shirts, short sleeve button downs, ties, sneakers, boots, boat shoes, and so much more.

The inclusion of the different types of Ken dolls is good for both kids and Mattel. Kids can buy Ken dolls that they feel truly reflects what they look like and for Mattel, sales will most likely increase as these Ken dolls appeal to a broader audience. It is good to see that Mattel is pushing a message of diversity and inclusion with their Barbie and Ken dolls.

You can see and buy the new Ken doll collection on

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