Miley Cyrus is Jimmy Fallon’s Most Recent Guest on The Tonight Show

Miley Cyrus was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on Wednesday, June 14th episode of The Tonight Show. Both Cyrus and Fallon had a lot of fun as they had an interview, had a funny skit together, and Cyrus performed two songs.

In the skit, Cyrus and Fallon acted like subway singers wearing disguises. Cyrus started singing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and people started recognizing her voice instantly. No one really recognized that the guy with Cyrus was Fallon as some people just though it was Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus. The two eventually took off their disguises and sang Cyrus’ classic hit song, “Party in the USA”.


In the interview Cyrus and Fallon discussed Cyrus’ recent discontinuation of smoking weed as well as her experience in New York City. From the interview we learned that Cyrus thinks a peanut stand is a bodega, Cyrus doesn’t know how to use a revolving door and Cyrus does not know the difference between a turnstile and a revolving door. In the interview the two also talked about their skit and how excited Cyrus was to be in the subway for the first time.

Cyrus eventually performed her two most recently released songs “Malibu” and “Inspired”. By these performances it is evident how Cyrus vocal abilities have improved. It is exciting to hear the new album Cyrus will release in the near future.

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