Ron Howard Takes Over As Director for Hans Solo Spin Off

Lucasfilm has made it official, oscar-winning director Ron Howard is taking over.  After original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired for arguing with the film’s producer, Kathleen Kennedy, and co-writer/producer, Lawrence Kasdan, the film was in desperate need for a new director.  In comes Howard to the rescue.

Ron Howard will start work on the Hans Solo spinoff immediately. The film still has several weeks left in its filming schedule.  However no one knows exactly when filming and production will be finished due to reshoots and other aspects.  Another thing up in the air is how the directors will be credited.  Will Lord and Miller be credited at all?  Who knows.

Howard has directed films such as “Rush,” “The Da Vinci Code,” “In the Heart of the Sea,” and “Apollo 13.” Right now Howard has a huge weight on his shoulders.  Good luck!

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