Adele Forced to Cancel Her Last Two Shows

Adele is facing troubles with her vocal cords once more as she has to cancel two shows this weekend at the Wembley Stadium in the U.K. The “Hello” singer posted to Twitter a long apology to fans on having to cancel performing for them after temporarily damaging her vocal cords, especially on the last two shows of her tour.

Adele has completed 121 shows already of the tour and is very upset to not be able to perform, ending her tour on such a sad and sour note. She took to Social media her disappointment.

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The 29 year old Grammy winner has been taking steroids and other medications to improve her condition, which she has suffered with before in the past but she has said it would be impossible to finish a whole show this weekend.

Fans of Adele and many are responding kindly and hoping the singer gets well, because everyone would love to see that powerful voice on stage again.

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