Nicole Kidman on Therapy Scenes in Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman is a very talented actress and showed off her talents even more in the HBO limited series ‘Big Little Lies’, playing Celeste Wright, ex-lawyer but now a housewife and mother of twins. She goes through emotional and physical abuse by her husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) which she keeps quiet from her close friends.

Anyone who has watched ‘Big Little Lies’ can agree that those scenes of Perry abusing Celeste were hard to watch, especially the scenes where Celeste would talk to her therapist about the abuse. When Nicole Kidman admitted that she did her own stunts in the scenes where Perry would hurt her it made those episodes very difficult to watch. She even admitted that her husband, country singer Keith Urban couldn’t stand to watch her come home with bruises.

When the actress sat down with Vogue to discuss ‘Big Little Lies’ she admitted that the conversation between Celeste and her therapist (Robin Weigert) were beautifully written especially because the therapist knew from looking at the couple that there is a dangerous relationship in front of her.

She also spoke to Vogue about how viewers of abused relationships or those who know someone who has lived through it have responded.

“They’re upset, they’re disturbed they say they know people, the know of people that have been through that. They want to understand why; they want to ask what Celeste is thinking, feeling”.

Watch Nicole Kidman play Celeste, Season 1 of ‘Big Little Lies’ on HBO.

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