‘Stranger Things’ Releases Surprise Trailer At Comic Con

Fans of the hit show ‘Stranger Things’ were given a nice gift at Comic Con as Netflix and The Duffer Brothers released another trailer for season 2. The show which takes place in 1980s will be debuting on October 27th just in time for Halloween, and all the favorite characters will be coming back, including Eleven played Millie Bobby Brown and the character whose disappearance was the main plot of season 1, Will Byers(Noah Schnapp).

Season 2 from the looks of the trailer will pick up on where the show left off, the 3 friends Mike(Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gavin Matarrazo, and Lucas ( Caleb McLaughlin) trying to move on from what they have lived through, especially with the return of their best friend Will Byers. After Will returns from the Upside Down in the finale, he starts to remember the torment he lived through and pictures himself back in the other realm after vomiting a strange looking worm.

The trailer starts with the 4 friends playing “Dragons Lair” in the arcade which then in Wills mind, turns into the Upside Down with a shadow of a monster in the sky. He wakes up to everything looking the same, meaning that in season 2 Wills torment is not over. The trailer also shows Mike trying to move on from his crush Eleven, who vanished in the finale.

Fans also got a glimpse of what the characters Halloween costumes are in the show, which is as Ghostbusters, either because the movie was so big in the 80s and still is, or because they are going to go searching once more for the monster from the Upside Down. We even got a shot of Eleven sticking her hand out of a portal into the school, which could mean a return for Eleven and good news for fans of the character who flipped a car with her mind back in season 1.

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