Adriana Lima: Miltiadis Kastanis & Metin Hara

Adriana Lima has been dating Metin Hara, who she calls “my love” in her Instagram post, took it to Instagram to explain the rumors Turkish newspaper published about her and Miltiadis Kastanis.

The article claims that Adriana Lima has been cheating on her boyfriend Metin Hara with Miltiadis Kastanis.

“I ask you to accept the fact that me and him [Adriana and Metin] are happily together and in love.”

Today, I come here to use Instagram as a platform of the truth. As you see in the picture above, in which I do not understand clearly the Turkish language, but heard that there is rumors circulating around about me and my loyalty toward my love Metin, and yes I said my love. For your knowledge the man next to me is my gay friend @mkastanis yes I said gay friend and part of my family. The reason I felt in love with Turkey it was that I felt so much love from this country and it's people. So I ask please respect my and Metin's private life and kindly stop creating fake news. This has been going on since the minute me and Metin started dating. I ask you to accept the fact that me and him are happily together and in love. As for my love for this country it did not change. Thank you for your understanding. Love you all with my heart and can't wait to be back ❤️

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