Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Divorce On Hold

Star-Lord rescued the galaxy, let’s hope he can rescue his marriage!

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their split in August and had the whole world reaching for the Kleenex. Ending an eight years marriage is not child’s play and new reports claim that they are now ‘committed’ to working on their problems and have decided to speak to a therapist to work through issues. The timing is good as he just completed filming Avengers: Infinity War as well as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and appears to have time on his hands.

Issues rose as the dynamic of the couples relationship changed over the years. When the pair married Anna was the bigger star, but in the past few years Chris has gone from being cast as the goofy best friend in movies to Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, giving Chris worldwide fame.

Who can still remember waking up to this:

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Everyone does! But hopefully the world has returned to its peaceful and loving self, and one of our favorite Hollywood couples will remain together.

‘It’s the first time they’ve ever been in counseling together and it only happened after they split,’ an insider revealed.

‘It’s been very intense, with Anna discussing how she feels isolated with Chris gone so much of the time and her career taking a backseat,’ a source claimed, speaking to the Mail Online.

‘Chris gets frustrated because Anna is in the industry, too, and knew the commitments involved when she married him.’

If it’s meant to be it will be, let’s hope for the sake of their beautiful son, Jack, that this power couple can work through their issues and save their marriage. And because we know everyone adores this couple as much as we do, we gathered some of our favorite Chris and Anna pictures from over the years.

August 8, 2010 | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

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