Daniel Craig Confirms Return as James Bond

Daniel Craig officially confirmed to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that he will return to the role of Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond 25. Speculation has been circling if Craig would return as Bond since he had previously been attached to the project by reports from the New York Times and others, but never confirmed personally — until now!

“Yes,” Craig told Colbert point-blank on Tuesday, when asked if he will return as the secret agent. However, in an earlier Tuesday interview Craig told Morning Magic 106.7 a Boston radio program that no decision regarding his return to the role has been made.

Craig referenced these earlier interviews during his appearance on The Late Show saying, “I have to apologize to all the people I’ve done interviews with today, because I wanted to tell you,” referring to Colbert.

Many of us were shocked to find out about Craig’s return to the character after he made negative headlines following the release of 2015 Spectre for making unfavorable comments about the possibility of continuing the role. “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists,” the star told Time Out London in 2015 of a possible return to the role.

Craig told Colbert in regards to his comments, “There’s no point making excuses about it, but it was two days after I had finished shooting the last movie and I went straight to an interview where someone asked, ‘Would you do another one?’ and I went, ‘No!'”

The time off, spent with family (wife Rachel Weisz and daughter from a previous relationship, and Weisz’s son) seems to have done Craig well. And the currently untitled Bond 25 has been scheduled for release in U.S. theaters on Nov. 8, 2019, with our favorite enigmatic Bond Daniel Craig.

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