Dunkirk Movie Review

While some critics have panned it, I think Dunkirk shows a new way to make a war movie.

Some critics have panned Dunkirk as unoriginal and uninspiring, I think it is neither. It is a beautiful work of art, and a new way of making a war movie.

This trailer gave all the information needed to understand the movie. While the movie may seem long and arduous to watch. Frankly so is then war. This movie was an example of the onslaught soldiers faced daily.

The movie, for me at least did not give me a moment’s rest. It was one climatic fight after another. I remember being on the edge of my seat for plane scenes especially. Those scene whatever your interpretation of this movie were beautifully shot.

Dunkirk all in all, was stunningly visual and beautiful new addition to war movies, while there may be parts some critics didn’t like, I think it is worth seeing, especially since it will surly become a Oscar contender. The music was beautiful way to grab in, and keep audience members hooked. The visuals were awe inspiring, all the scenes were shot beautifully enough to maximize every scene.

"This years most powerful movie." Ticket link in bio. #Dunkirk

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This movie also while not dialogue heavy more than made up for it by using visuals, music and just action to tell it’s story. At no point in the movie did I wish for more dialogue. Honestly, the dialogue the film did have was enough to paint a picture of the plot, I did not to be hammered with dialogue to understand the plot.

“A staggering visual spectacle.” Ticket link in bio. #Dunkirk

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