“Fear Factor” Is Coming Back For A Second Season, And It’s Going To Be “Ludicrous”

Fear Factor Ludacris
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If you’re afraid of the show Fear Factor, you’re out of luck because it’s coming back for Season 2.

According to Variety, MTV has given a 20-episode order for the unscripted competition series, hosted by Ludacris. This means that the second season will be longer than the first seaon, which ends tonight, Aug. 22, after twelve episodes.

Who's ready for a LUDICROUS #FearFeactor season finale?

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The MTV revived Fear Factor debuted on May 30th after a decade of being off the air. The show centers around motivating contestants to face their fears using elaborate stunts and games inspired by movies, viral videos, and other pop-culture references, a step back from  the gross out factor of the original NBC series, which aired between 2001-2006.

So while the show isn’t necessarily making people climb into tubs full of cockroaches, snakes or literally anything disgusting, Fear Factor has not lost its wow factor, especially with the upcoming season.

“I’m looking forward to season two of ‘Fear Factor’ and it being more ludicrous than the first season,” Ludacris told Variety. “Pun intended.”

Here’s to hoping that this next season doesn’t include cockroaches in any way, shape or form.

Which would you rather have crawling all over your body, crabs or roaches? #FearFactor

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