Game of Thrones Director Talks Finale And All It’s Revelations: SPOILERS

Game of Thrones
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With only seven episodes this season, the Game of Thrones’  finale had to be truly epic, and it was. [You know the drill. Spoilers are here!] 

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A lot happened in this finale, from the meeting of all the leaders in the Dragonpit at King’s Landing to the moment all “Jonerys” shippers have been eagerly waiting for. The director of  “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Jeremy Podeswa, spoke with both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter about some important plot points, like Littlefinger’s truly deserved death, the R+L=J revelation, and the Night Kings destruction of the wall.

The director started with the summit of leaders gathered to discuss the big war against the dead.

“I felt the summit at the Dragonpit was going to be a big moment,” Podeswa, who directed both the finale and the season premiere, told Variety. “It features all these characters that we know and love, characters who have never met before and characters who haven’t seen each other for a long time. It’s laden with tension because we don’t know if Cersei set a trap for them or not or how badly this all could go.”

Podeswa talked about the tension between Tyrion and Cersei as being a high point, but really elaborated on how it felt to watch Aiden Gillen portray Littlefinger before his ultimate death.

“Aidan is such a great actor and it was such a joy to see him do this scene,” he continued in his Variety interview.  “You really see another side of Littlefinger that you’ve never seen before, which is vulnerability.” He went on to talk about how you can’t help but feel bad for Littlefinger in that moment (debatable at best) and praised actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner for how they’ve inhabited their characters after seven years.

In his interview with THR, Podeswa also talked about directing the wedding scene between Rhaegar and Lyanna, and how that juxtaposed over the love scene between Jon and Daenerys.

“It was really antithetical to what was perceived with what had really happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna,” Podeswa tells THR. “Because the understanding was that it was a violent union, and there was a lot of drama that everybody imagined and understood about what happened with them. But when we see the real reality, we see that actually there was a kind of magical relationship between the two, and they had a proper marriage that was based on love.”

In regards to it’s juxtaposition with Jon and Daenerys scene, Podeswa describes it as a “epic revelation about the past, and an epic revelation that’s suggestive of the future…” Could this possibly mean a baby?

Lastly, Podeswa talks the Wall and how excited he was to direct it’s utter annihilation by the Night King.

“It was very exciting,” he told the THR. “When you’re reading the script, you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Oh my god. They’re really going there.’ Then it was like, ‘Wow. This is an enormous, spectacular sequence. How are we actually going to pull it off?’”

But for all of you worried about Beric and Tormund potentially dying during this scene, Podeswa has somewhat of a reassurance.

“I think they were certainly in a very perilous situation when we last saw them so it doesn’t look good, but we don’t actually see them die so anything can happen,” Podeswa teased to Variety.

I guess we will all just have to sit still and wait (sobs).

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