HBO Documentary Shows Story of Andy Warhol’s ‘Brillo Box’

Last week, HBO released an intimate, revealing documentary about the late Princess Diana, 20 years after her passing. The next icon receiving a documentary is Andy Warhol.

BRILLO BOX (3¢ OFF) will tell the story of how one of Warhol’s famous artwork (the Brillo Box) increased in value from $1000 to $3 million in less than 40 years.

The film will track each of the box’s different owners, up until today’s owners, who bought the box on luxury auction site Christie’s.

It will feature interviews with art curators, critics and historians.

Lisanne Skyler , the daughter of the box’s first owners, Martin and Rita Skyler, chronicled the film, serving as its producer, writer and director.

BRILLO BOX (3¢ OFF) hits HBO on August 7—just a day after Warhol would have celebrated his 89th birthday.

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