How Kris Jenner Became the Ultimate Momager

Behind Kylie Jenner’s highly demanded cosmetic line and Kendall Jenner’s 82 million instagram followers is momager and marketing mastermind, Kris Jenner.

Lenny Letter reporter Janet Mock recently entered Kris’ Hermes-decorated, at-home office and spoke with the momager about her family’s journey to fame and success.

Kris said she learned business acumen from having friends in the Hollywood and other prominent industries.

“Everybody that I was surrounded by for two decades was at the top of their game in the entertainment business: the head of every studio, the best attorneys in the world, the people that were running the most incredible industries,” she told Mock.

It wasn’t until Kris married Bruce Jenner and became his manager that she realized how much these people influenced her. Kris said saw Bruce’s talents and potential, and decided to book him for public speaking appearances.

Kris’ work ethic started off as a do-it-yourself process.

“I had a friend take photos, and I had another woman I know make a sizzle reel that we could use as an intro to his speech,” she said. Kris sent out press kits with articles about Bruce’s Olympic-medal-winning past to thousands of companies until she got a response.

Jenner, who married Bruce when he only had $200 in his bank account, said that her drive to support her kids is what enabled her to succeed as a manager.

“I just got so much joy that I was able to feed my kids and send them to the school they had been going to and be able to get them what they wanted,” she said. “It was all about their dreams, but then in the meantime, I had to figure out a way to pay the mortgage and the car payments and all that kind of stuff.”

Kris’ advice for anyone with big dreams is to persevere.

She said, “My motto in life has always been if somebody says no, you’re talking to the wrong person.”


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