Maria Menounos Reveals What Life Is Like After Brain Surgery

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Cancer affects everyone, even celebrities.

In an interview with Today’s Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday’s NBC morning show, Maria Menounos, the former E! News host, spoke about her recovery from brain surgery after having a benign meningioma brain tumor removed this past june, and her mother’s battle with cancer.

“I still have a hard time chewing on my right side, because it was on my right side so it affected the trigeminal nerve, which controls all of your face,” said Menounos, in regards to the symptoms of brain surgery. “And so chewing here, my jaw, it’s not right yet. Little things — I can get dizzy moving my head side-to-side, so sometimes I look like I’ve been in a car accident so I just shift carefully.”

Despite the physical toll it has on her, Menounos is much calmer now, and looking at everything with a positive lens.

“Overall I just feel so lucky to be functioning and to be almost normal and to not have cancer,” she said, adding that she did “shift everything into positives throughout this journey.” Her fiancé, Keven Undergaro, has been her rock through it all, and helps her with taking care of both her mother and father.

Menounos mother is currently fighting against stage 4 breast cancer, which Menounos calls a “process” and an “emotional ride,” but she’s stable. This past weekend they held a party for family and friends to celebrate her mother’s life since she was diagnosed a year ago.

Here’s to hoping they keep the positive vibes and get better soon.

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