MTV’s Siesta Key Premiere Party Cancelled Due To Death Threats

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Looks like MTV’s Siesta Key already hit some controversy, before the show even aired!

The new Laguna Beach-and-The Hills inspired show follows eight privileged friends during their summer in Siesta Key. It aired last night, but not before having it’s premiere party cancelled due to death threats made against series star, Alex Kompothecras, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Had a good day of drinkin.. oh and also fishing ????????????@teamreelfinesse #tunafishing

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His father and creator of the show, Gary Kompothecras, told a reporter that there were other reasons behind the cancellation, on top of the death threats. The show had major backlash on social media, including a Facebook page called “Boycott Siesta Key MTV” with now over 8,000 followers. The reason behind this backlash? Alex Kompothecras’ possible involvement in a viral video of three men dragging a shark behind their boat at high speed, ripping the animal to shreds.

Even though the names of the men in question haven’t been released, many believe Kompothecras to be involved. A protest was expected to occur with a Facebook event showing over 130 people planning on attending, which probably pushed the production to ditch the red carpet and star chats.

“Over the past few days, the connection between the production and the Siesta Key show and the horrific videos and photos of animal abuse have come to light,” the Facebook event page said according to Fox News Entertainment.

MTV’s Siesta Key is just one of new shows coming to MTV, including an amped-up Fear Factor and the return of TLR.

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