Paris Hilton Is The New Meme Queen

Paris Hilton has had many memorable pop culture moments and quotes. On Hilton’s show The Simple Life it’s hard to forget some of her quotes such as “that’s hot” “What’s Wal-mart do they sell like wall stuff?” and much more. Hilton is also know for her fashion choices such as big sunglasses, low rise jeans, having her dog in her purse and much more. Instead of just leaving the memorable moments in the past, Hilton has decided to keep her legacy strong by sharing memes of herself.

Since the beginning of July, Hilton has been sharing several memes of herself and it’s actually quite hilarious. It is nice to see Hilton show she has a sense of humor and doesn’t take her so seriously. Here are some of Hilton’s best memes.

Also while this tweet isn’t a meme, it is definitely Hilton’s best tweet and deserves to always be remembered.

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