Selfridges Starts Christmas in August

Artificial pine trees, rainbow sparkly ornaments and holiday cards featuring Big Ben align the shelves of Selfridges, the U.K.’s second largest department store.

The store, which started selling these festive products yesterday, is the first retailer in the world to launch its Christmas shop this year, 147 days before the holiday.

Christmas in August has officially begun.

“We’ve been opening the doors to our Christmas Shop during the summer for years now and have become a real destination for fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK,” a Selfridges spokesperson told the Telegraph.

Some argue that it is too early to start Christmas shopping. Twitter has had mixed reactions, and according to a Telegraph survey, 70 percent of readers feel that August is too soon to begin shopping, while 30 percent embrace it.

Despite these statistics, a Selfridges buyer said that the earliest shoppers are usually tourists. After all, the number-one selling ornament is a glittery ball painted with the British flag.

This year’s theme is “shine on,” which is fitting given the assortment of rainbow sparkly and metallic baubles that surround the store. Selfridges is just getting started, and plans to launch its holiday food collection and have a total of 120,000 decorations available by early September.

Special items this year include lights that you can operate from your iPhone and custom wrapping paper featuring a monogram of your choice.

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