The Big Sick Movie Review

A movie about a couple that meet, date, breakup, and then the girl goes into a coma.

Big Sick, a film which opens with the main character doing stand up and talking about dating a white girl is the worst thing he could do to his family.

We REALLY liked @kumailn's one man show. Guaranteed you all will too. *Wink* #TheBigSick

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This movie then went on to show the two main characters, Kumail and Emily, it was sweet, but the usually standard way of boy and girl meet.

What I also liked, being an Indian-american myself is the way they portrayed the arranged marriage process. While I have never been through the process of my parents arranging me someone to meet, I have seen it in Indian movies and television.

Another thing I liked that this movie is that they tried to be authentic. They could have easily made embellished the story and made it more fanciful than it already is.

However, Kumail and Emily both fought to keep it authentic, even going so far as to make the casting was more about the actresses “passions” than anything else.

All in all, this movie was well done and refreshing. I wish to see more movies like this. It would be a welcomed refresher than the normal rom-coms that plague the box-office.

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