The ‘Inundated’ Music Video

If ever there were people with a passion for what they love and an insatiable thirst for the success of their brand it is the founders of The 12th Human and Cape and Cottage Productions.

Born and raised New Yorker, Eric Wexler is the solo artist behind The 12th Human. Since starting his passion project in 2016, The 12th Human has been kicking ass and taking names. A released EP and a demo for this indomitable guy. Listen to Inundated, Apparition, At Your Table and Tall Sun on all major streaming services and download for free on

Cape and Cottage Productions are made up of the dynamic duo South African Andrea van Niekerk and Brit Sophie Hornby. The name stemming from their love for Cape Town, South Africa and charming country cottages. The company has worked with names like Marriott Residence Inn.

So how did the merging of these two future power houses come to be? That is not important, the master piece they created together is – the Inundated music video. The song written and performed by The 12th Human and the video produced and directed by Cape and Cottage Productions.

Shooting with the talented @capeandcottageproductions next week. I am STOKED. #inundated #diy

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Inundated, meaning to be overwhelmed, will definitely not overwhelm its viewers. For the plot they opted for a blithe route and went all out “dorky.” Wexler acts out three different characters, from a quirky bassist to an overweight drummer (which required a fat suit), and finally your stereotypical mesmeric lead singer. The video follows the main character, Wexler himself, on a hunt for other band members.

On set with the super talented @the12thhuman this weekend. Can't wait to show everyone what we did! Thanks @lize.vannkrk for producing like a champion!

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The humorous plot and tongue-and-cheek acting successfully masks the blood, sweat and tears that went into this project. Several great aesthetic shots and scenes pushes this video far above the average DIY.

With a whole lot of chicken wings (you have to watch the video to get it), guitars and one fine Oldsmobile The 12th Human and Cape and Cottage Productions wrapped up a music video worth the watch! Confirmed to release towards the end of September. In the meantime, see what other projects they’re working on at and

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