The Production Nightmare That Was ‘The Dark Tower’

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With the upcoming release of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” book series this week, some fans are bit worried. If cramming an eight books series into a 95 minute long movie wasn’t enough to cause some speculation, the entire production history of the “The Dark Tower” was its own horror story.

Variety has sources that detail the struggle of turning the film into reality. According to Variety, the film took well over a decade to final project. This was mainly due to the cycling of several directors and screenwriters, until Universal Pictures dropped plans to make the series into a television show. It was after this decision when Modi Wiczyk, co-founder of Media Rights Capital (MRC), made a deal with Sony Pictures to continue with the production of the movie.

August 4th

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In 2015, MRC and Sony announced that the movie was set for production and Nikolaj Arcel, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind “A Royal Affair,” was going to direct. Despite this, there were several clashes between all three parties, and the film faced several production setbacks due to creative differences.

Although this was a major part of the issue, Variety made note of one of the biggest problems that plagued the production process of the film. According to Variety, MRC and Stephen King himself had veto power over many aspects of the movie, including marketing and trailers.

Variety explained:

“The two companies split costs, and in return MRC was granted “kill rights” on everything from the marketing campaign to the final cut of the picture. If one company didn’t like a trailer or a cut of the film, it had to be scrapped, making it difficult to achieve consensus.”

Roland and Jake.

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With so many people involved in the film – each having their own say – it’s no wonder why “The Dark Tower” took so long to get trailers out, and why the marketing for the movie has been kept to a minimum.

“The Dark Tower” is set to release Friday August 4. Watch the trailer down below!

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