Trisha Paytas Makes The Most Memorable Entrance In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Trisha Paytas brings her unapologetic personality to the Celebrity Big Brother house

August 1st was the season premiere of Celebrity Big Brother. 15 celebrities entered the house however one made an extremely memorable entrance and that was Trisha Paytas. Paytas is a youtuber with 2.9 million subscribers and over a billion views. Paytas talks about practically all details of her personal life such as her previous relationships, her plastic surgery, celebrity encounters and much more. Some of Paytas’ most iconic videos include her music videos, eating shows and her crying on her kitchen floor. Besides Youtube, Paytas has been on several shows such as Modern FamilyDr. PhilMy Strange Addictions and much more. Paytas also has been pursuing a music career releasing several EPs and music videos.

Paytas is now taking on Celebrity Big Brother and she’s already been extremely entertaining. While most of the houseguests entered in the house in a traditional suit or dress, Paytas walked in wearing a pink bra, a pink tutu and pink heels. Anyone who is a fan of Paytas knows she loves the color pink and she is kind of like a barbie so this look showed that Paytas was going to be unapologetically herself throughout this show.

Besides Paytas unconventional look that stunned viewers and her fellow house guests another stand out moment was when Paytas background facts were being announced as she was walking into the house. Some of Paytas’ facts include that she ate 10,000 calories in one sitting, she’s obsessed with men over 75, she has never cleaned before and she doesn’t know the difference between England and Australia.

Many fans on Twitter are ecstatic that Paytas is on Celebrity Big Brother as she overwhelmingly got the most retweets and likes on Twitter out of all her fellow houseguests when the official Big Brother UK twitter page announced she was entering the house.

It will be exciting to see what Paytas brings to Celebrity Big Brother. Paytas so far has been vocal about her past of being an escort as well she’s not been afraid to talk about sex and lack of knowledge of British culture. Paytas being unapolegitcally herself is refreshing and inspiring for those who feel like outcasts as well it makes for good TV. Hopefully Paytas gives everyone iconic reality TV moments and makes it all the way to the finale.

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