Chance The Rapper Debuts New Song And Talks #ChanoForMayor

Chance The Rapper
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Chance the Rapper is not slowing down anytime soon, but don’t expect him to get too into politics.

On Monday night, Chance the Rapper debuted a newly written song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, while also discussing #ChanoForMayor and SocialWorks, the non-profit that already raised $2.2 million for Chicago public schools.

Chance originally planned to perform “Grown Ass Kid,” an unreleased song from Coloring Book, but ended up scrapping that idea for “reasons I don’t really want to talk about,” according to the rapper. Yet, he still performed for the audience, opting to showcase a song he wrote over the weekend that featured Daniel Caesar on guitar, and long-time collaborators, Nico Segal and Stix. The song talked about Chance’s young daughter and, in the second verse, focused on the struggles of fame, rapping “it ain’t really fun to hang out with me no more / We can’t go to River East to hang at the beach no more.” Chance also kept it very Chance with his signature “3” hat and back-up vocals.

In his interview with Colbert, Chance talks his famous Emmy rap and how politics don’t interest him at all, despite the #ChanoForMayor movement.

“I do not like politics,” he told Colbert. “I think government, in a certain way, is necessary and should always be a fluid thing that’s changing.”

He continued, stating that he believes politics “doesn’t make the same change that legislation makes.” He also tries to stay out of the entertainment aspect of politics and instead tries to stay focused on “the things that really affect us systemically.”

Watch the videos above for the full performance and interview.

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