Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Reinventing Herself And Her New Spanish Album

Jennifer Lopez
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

J.Lo isn’t just from the block; she’s reinventing the block.

In HOLA! USA’s cover story, Jennifer Lopez talks about reinventing herself and her career. J.Lo is currently working on her new Spanish album Por Primera Vez (For The First Time), which represents this change. When asked what the meaning behind the title is, she offers this.

“It’s about how we are always kind of reinventing ourselves, experiencing things for the first time, no matter how old you are. There’s always a new beginning,” she explains. She also thinks striving to be better is just as crucial as reinvention.

“Whether I’m singing or acting or whatever, it’s like ‘Did I do that better than I did before? Is there some growth here? Am I moving forward right now?'” she recounts. “Nobody wants to do the same thing over and over, and stay stuck.”

Por Primera Vez is definitely part of this reinvention and striving to get better. She promises a mix of slow, “Mírate”-like ballads and electric, happy music. The album will feature collaborations with Nicky Jam, Wisin, and Gente de Zona.

While J.Lo openly admits that she is more at home using English, she still loves to sing in Spanish.

“There’s just something about it that is more romantic and passionate to me,” she says. “And that’s such a core part of who I am. I feel like I sing better in Spanish.”

Either way, she continues to grow, and accept herself for all her successes and failures. She encourages everyone to live and learn from past mistakes, saying to “learn from it and not fight it.”

Here’s to hoping her next album shows how much she’s grown.

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