Kendall Jenner Feels Like Her Life ‘Is Over’ Following Pepsi Ad

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Who can forget the controversial Pepsi ad that Kendall Jenner starred in. That inherently tone-deaf ad, which was accused of trivializing the black lives matter movement, yes that one.

Jenner has remained in the dark about the ad, until now. In the trailer for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, viewers finally get a peek into her state of mind. And it turns out she’s not doing so well. “It feels like my life is over,” she explained to her sister Kim Kardashian, with Kim adding, “You made a mistake.”

Kim Kardashian previously stated on Watch What Happens Live that Jenner ended up realizing the consequences and implications of participating in the commercial. “She totally understood at the end of the day and she felt really awful for it,” she told Andy Cohen. “She just wants to move on from it.” One day at a time.

Pepsi apologized for the ad and for putting Jenner in that situation. The company pulled the disputed ad after only one day. The ad, starring Jenner in a blonde wig in the streets with laughing, happy, and hugging protesters, was accused of trivializing black lives matter. Current activists said;

It was precisely the opposite of their real-world experience of protesting police brutality.

This October will mark the 10-year anniversary of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Over the past decade the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have accumulated their fair share of controversy. Jenners Pepsi ad is only another tick to the sisters endless list of faulty career choices. The ad surely missed the mark on racial tensions in America and Jenner is finally ready to open up about it in the teaser trailer for Season 14.

Below is a post on the KUWTK Instagram page about the new upcoming season. Not the teaser trailer.


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