The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Will Be The Most Expensive

Game of Thrones
(Photo credit should read VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)

With it’s other-worldly cinematic elements and a superstar cast, it’s no surprise that HBO shells out a lot of money per episode of Game of Thrones. But exactly how much will each episode cost this coming season?

According to Entertainment Weekly, each episode for the eighth season will cost about $15 million each. To put that into comparison, the price per episode for the first season was $6 million. While this new budget hasn’t been confirmed by HBO due to their strict no-budget reveal, it’s not surprising to those that watch the show. As the show grew to incorporate lavish fight scenes and stunning graphics, the budget had to accommodate to that.

While that is a hefty price tag, GoT’s soaring popularity will make it worth it. New and old fans will continue to pay HBO to watch the series long past the last episode. That, plus the successful international distribution and merchandising rights to the show, will make every dollar spent on the final season profitable.

Two years and $15 million per episode? This final season better be truly epic.

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