“This Is Us” Star Milo Ventimiglia Dishes On Season 2 Premiere

Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us
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After the season finale left all of us wondering if the perfect relationship actually exists, This Is Us is back to continue to rip our hearts into itty-bitty pieces.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the season two premiere, titled “A Father’s Advice,” will open on the aftermath of the huge Rebecca and Jack fight that ended with Jack moving out. The finale left audiences with that fight to dissect, instead of revealing how Jack dies. Yet, according to Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, this was the ending the show needed.

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“I think it was what the show needed,” Ventimiglia admitted. “I feel like giving away Jack’s death at the end of the season — that’s too easy. But giving us a place that we had to fight back for before you understand Jack’s death, it’s a more admirable place to be…”

Yet, despite the rocky state, there might be some hope for the couple.

“It’s the fragile moment of: Are they coming together or not?” said Ventimiglia. “There are things that are happening at the same time as this conversation that are going to impact Jack and Rebecca, and that stuff will come into the light, but it’s one of those fragile moments where you’re hoping these two people can get it together.”

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Most of America hopes they will come back together, or at least before Jack ultimately dies. The ending of the premiere will actually clue viewers into what might have happened to Jack. The scene was actually redacted from the original script in order to keep it under wraps.

“It hits you in a moment and you go, ‘Oh, s–t. This is it!’” teased Ventimiglia. “And then we leave you with that, and we don’t explain more. We just leave you on a moment where you understand everything — but you know nothing.”

The season 2 premiere debuts tonight on NBC at 9 p.m. EST. Prepare your tissues and try not to cry too much.

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