How to Pose for Pictures According to Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham debuted her Spring Summer 2017 collection during the NYFW which included lots of feminine pieces, floral skirts and tops, dresses made of light and fresh fabric. After the fashion show she was interviewed by Vogue magazine and asked about her signature poses.

photo: Luca Tombolini /
photo: Luca Tombolini /

Beckham obviously knows that people always comment on her serious look, that she never smiles. To that she made a joke saying that the key to her pose is to look like you are always unhappy, “like you don’t want to be there”. Then jokes aside, she did advise to take pictures with your legs open when wearing flats and when wearing heels “it’s all about getting the balance right, one foot forward”.


She also joked that “anything awkward would work”.

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