Kyboe! Watches: Marc Bell Interview, Plans for the Future & Three Things Nobody Knows About the Brand

Kyboe!, a Dutch company with watches that are “the biggest and boldest on the planet”, has partnered with Marc Bell Capital in October 2015 and has already become one of the most recognized brands.

Marc Bell who is the president and the chief executive of Kyboe! watches is taking the company to a new level. The plan is to introduce the company to the US market as well as add more accessories to the collection. The brand has already had their first runway show during the NYFW. The watches were showcased on the conveyor belt of hand mannequins. Models were wearing the watches as they walked down the runway.


Coco Austin, Ice T
Coco Austin, Ice T

The watches are already being worn by celebrities like Ice-T, DJ Vinny Insane, Steve Aoki, Tiesto. Mr. Bell is currently planning on promoting the collection during the Art Basel in Miami, December 1-4.

Kyboe! watch is indeed an awesome and fun accessory to add to any outfit. There are a tons of color choices and different sizes for both men and women.

I had a pleasure of interviewing Marc Bell and talk to him about the products, plans for the future and challenges of working in the US market.

How did the idea to design watches first originate? How did Kyboe! come to exist?

KYBOE! is all about fun so it should be no surprise, it all started in Amsterdam! Dick and Kees are childhood friends, born and raised in the Netherlands, who have always shared a passion for travel, music, adventure and fashion. They wanted to create a watch that was as bright and playful as their bohemian lifestyle, and that’s how KYBOE! was born. KYBOE! watches became a such sensation in the Netherlands that Dick and Kees decided to hit the road with a suitcase full of watches to spread their dream of KYBOE!. I bumped into Dick and Kees, and their suitcase full of watches, while vacationing in St. Tropez, and it was love at first sight- and Dick and Kees weren’t that bad either! Every summer when I returned to the South of France for vacation, I would buy more and more watches- I eventually had over 100. The watches became such a passion for me that I decided the help Dick and Kees with their vision and bring KYBOE! to the Americas. So far, it was been a wild ride but this is only just beginning.

What was the inspiration behind the collection [the collection that was showcased during the NYFW in September 2016]?

You can check out the fashion show HERE

At KYBOE! we are all about fun. Our inspiration was to make a vibrant and bold watch for every look, every outfit, for everyone. We have designed over 360 styles and 180 different color combinations – and continue to add more- to ensure we have the perfect watch that says you.

What makes your watches unique?

They light up! Our watches are the biggest and brightest on the planet. We are bold fashion pieces that allow you to make a personal statement about your style, because we believe your watch can be as unique as you are.

The idea of having a rotating display of watch styles was genius. How did you come up with that?

It all started with Thing from the Adamms Family. We asked ourselves, if we could have any model in the world walk the runway wearing our watches, who would it be? Thing! (That’s the hand from Adam’s Family) So we invented a way to bring Thing and his friends to our runway.

Models were very fun and lively as they walked down the runway. What was the model selection process like?


We looked for models that were like our watches – fun, vibrant and full of personality.

What are the plans for the future of the firm? According to the article in WWD, the company is looking to expand the line to include bracelets and other accessories. What other accessories can we expect? Are you planning on adding leather or metal bands?

We plan to continue our vision to create big, bold, fun fashion that people love to wear. We are currently KYBOE!-ing bracelets and handbags and experimenting with other watch bands, plus we have a few other tricks up our sleeve. (Pun intended!) Be sure to follow us on Instagram and on our website to see what we’re up to.

What are the challenges of working in the US market coming from the company that first originated in Netherlands? How involved Dick Sijmons and Kees de Bruïne are still in the company?

Dick and Kees were the visionaries of KYBOE! so it is important to us to stay true to their original inspirations while also evolving to represent what we love about cutting edge fashion in the Americas. Sometimes there can be a language barrier when sharing ideas, but luckily for me, their English is much better than my Dutch so we are able to work through it!

In the world where there are so many different types of watches for both men and women, Kyboe is being sold by more than 2000 retailers. Celebrities like Ice-T, DJ Vinny Insane, Steve Aoki, Tiesto are wearing the watch. What makes the company so successful?

We take pride in our work ethic and craftsmanship – but we also value our fun, creative side as well. We like to work hard and play hard. People love our watches because they feel the same way.

What are three things that nobody knows about Kyboe?

  1. We love Star Trek. Before the newest movie was released, I arranged a sneak preview of the film and the entire office left work early to see it.
  2. My mom is one of our best sales reps! She loved the watches so much that she started selling them to all of her friends, and then it just kind of took off from there. Now she’s got business cards and a title, it’s a family affair!
  3. And finally, the bright lights on our watches are the ultimate tool to calm a crying toddler, just ask my assistant!

And the last question personally for you, Marc. If you didn’t wear Kyboe, what other watch would you wear?



Whatever my wife Jennifer told me to! But she always makes me wear KYBOE! so we match!


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