#thatcoat – Zara Jacket: The Most Popular Item

Zara Jacket has taken the fashion world by storm – check out the most popular item – #thatcoat. You can buy the coat here

Everyone has their favorite article of clothing that your friends might even point out that you wear it too often. You will deny it but then they’ll whip out the proof and it’s your Instagram. Don’t worry it’s not only you, London has a new favorite jacket and Instagram has the proof.

The jacket is manufactured by Zara and it’s probably London’s new statement piece. It is a white and blue mid length printed coat that has been seen all around the major cities on various different women. The jacket has gotten so much popularity that there is an Instagram account dedicated to capturing people wearing it all around town. People can also send in pictures of the coat by using the hashtag “thatcoat” and it can be featured on the account.

A woman named Alice Frances is the creator of the Instagram. Alice first saw the jacket at the Chelsea Flower shop and ever since then she has seen the jacket everywhere. Therefore, she decided that this jacket needed its time to shine and live up to its fame. Alice feels that these appearances is an epidemic and started documenting the jacket’s popularity on Instagram by taking pictures of the women wearing it.


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People have been spotted wearing the coat doing day to day activities such as commuting to work/school, getting a bite to eat at cafés or bakeries, going to the bar with friends, and best of all shopping. Although, the jacket has made some appearance on screen such as the tv show “This Morning”, the documentation of the Queen’s ninetieth birthday celebration, or even on Samantha Maria’s YouTube Channel.

The jacket is still available for purchase in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It can be purchased on the Zara site or in stores for $149.

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