Christian Siriano Promotes Diversity Within Fashion

Christian Siriano wants more diversity within the Fashion community.

At this year’s annual FashionistaCon in New York City last Friday, Fashionista Executive Editor Alyssa Vingan Klein interviewed Christian Siriano journey in the fashion industry such as establishing himself as a designer and advocating for more diversity within the fashion community.

After winning Project Runway, Siriano has been offered multiple collaborations from  Payless to Lane Bryan. Although, his main goal within the fashion community is to Start a business. This a can be a difficult task for any young designer, so when it came to building his team, Siriano made sure to be selective.

Siriano states:

“I wanted to make sure everyone was as creative as I was in their own way. We had a lot of people giving us advice that I’m happy we didn’t listen to. Unfortunately, not everyone in the industry will give you the best advice because it’s based on their experience of what has happened before. Everything I do is different from anybody else.”

The importance of diversity within his business is very important to Siriano because he is surround by people from all around the world and he wants his business to reflect it. Siriano feels very proud when his customers are diverse because his work/art can be portrayed throughout different communities and locations.

Siriano notes:

“We’re showing a runway that is diverse because that’s what we are. That’s what we see in this room. We have customers from all over the world, all walks of life, all ages, so I cannot imagine alienating one group because it’s such a crucial part of our world.”

Siriano wishes diversity shouldn’t be just a topic but something that should be included within every fashion company.

He continues:

“We’re trying to make it where it isn’t necessarily a conversation anymore and [get to a point where] that’s just what it is. I try not to talk about it too much because it is a topic, but I wish it weren’t a topic.”


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