Dolce and Gabbana at the Opera: Spring 2017 Alta Moda Show

Photo by Venturelli

The Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2017 Alta Moda show took place at La Scala in Milan, and was inspired by countless historic operas including, Falstaff, The Magic Flute, and Madama Butterfly to name a few.

The Alta Moda collections are artistic pieces in themselves, showcasing a lavish theme in a stunning world.

“We both go to the opera-we’re Italian, drama is in our blood!” Dolce exclaimed on their inspiration for this year’s couture collection.

The pieces were constructed to represent the over-the-top characters of the world of the opera. Some were fairy-like, dresses tiled with shimmering mosaic florals decorated with mystical rainbow wigs and intricate jeweled crowns. Others looked more traditional opera, with long flowing sleeves and pompous wigs. These stood out with gold embellishment reflecting from every surface.

The specialized scenery included gilded horses and harps, outlandish furniture pieces, and moonlit visions of wispy trees that added a special magical glow to the already fairytale-esque clothing. Each member of this immaculate fashion opera descended onto the stage from a floral staircase.

However, there was also a casual aspect to the collection, as the designers strived to create pieces that a younger generation would find refreshing. It included graffiti painted jeans, sweatshirts, and suits.

“We wanted to look at the daughters of our customers.”

For Dolce and Gabbana, the show is more than just a high-couture masterpiece. It’s a statement, to young women everywhere to be able to express themselves in whatever sort of style suits their evolving tastes.

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