French Postage Gets A Balmain Revamp For Valentine’s Day

Olivier Rousteing Lends His Creative Touch To French Stamps

Rousteing joins the ranks of designers who lent their creative eye to the French Postal Service for Valentine’s Day, and their heart-shaped stamps. It has been a long running tradition for French designers to be honored with the task of designing the heart-shaped stamps for the French post office.

The French Postal Service has collaborated with designers like Chanel, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent. Each designer made each collection unique, and ultimately reflect their work at that time. They would play with colors, structure, and fonts to make something memorable.

Hermes heart-shaped stamp 2013
Hermes heart-shaped stamp 2013
Yves Saint Laurent heart-shaped stamp 2000
Yves Saint Laurent heart-shaped stamp 2000

It comes as no surprise that Olivier Rousteing had his Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear collection play as an inspiration for these heart-shaped stamps. Many pieces from this collection showcased long flowy designs that almost seemed a bit ethereal, but the combination of bold lines and rich colors kept it down to earth.


His stamp design sports floral arrangements that have been paired against bold black and white stripes. This mix shows that Rousteing has not completely left the “armor” of his design behind. He has added a newness that can only be described as “free”. This freedom is only increased when the fact that many pastels are also being used with his stamp collection.


The stamps are expected to be available at French post offices, and online starting January 23rd.

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