Lil Yachty And Nautica Team Up To Venture Into New Waters

A Blast From Past With A Lil Twist

The partnership between Yacthy and Nautica will bring the 90’s and all of its splendor to 2017. It is not unheard of for brands to partner with celebrities to create some buzz around their new merchandise, but this pairing does a bit more. Not only will Lil Yacthy be collaborating with Nautica, he has also been given the title Creative Designer.


Nautica was founded in the early 1980’s and worked to bring an accessible fashion brand to those who love the water. Over the years Nautica has built an image that holds a special piece of the American Heritage, and now they plan to dive deeper and achieve greater success with this partnership.


Newcomer rapper Lil Yachty is venturing into the world of fashion, and it can be assumed that this is the next step in his creative process. Many rappers today tend to express themselves in ways other than their music. This self-expression can be seen by the way they style their hair, the clothes they wear, or the way they talk; Yachty has chosen fashion to be his second outlet.


The pieces from this collection take you back to a time when thick rope chains & bucket hats were a dime a dozen. Combining traditional styles with modern swag can result in major success for Nautica.

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