Moschino AW ’17: A Response to the President-Elect

The current political climate has everyone speaking out and sharing their opinions on America’s incoming President. While some can’t wait for the President-elect to take office, other’s like Jeremy Scott designer of Moschino, are speaking out about what’s to come.

Scott said, “I feel like we have to fight for art, it’s the war we’re in.”

Courtesy of Moschino
Courtesy of Moschino

Scott began his collection prior to the election but said it played a crucial role for these deigns. “It was consuming me to the point that I had to stop watching the news.” He continued, “I was very cautious to people that this was a possibility. I said you have to take this seriously. He could win.”

Now that the President-elect has won and is preparing to take office, Scott’s pieces reflect a message that he stands behind, a “call to arms” says NYtimes writer Matthew Schneirer. Artists must be part of the war and fight for art says Scott, and this is his way of doing his part. While Scott often sticks to the bold and continued to do so, his collection also includes military inspired pieces. Adding even more bombers, parkas, cargos, and camos to the world.

Of course, Moschino would be nothing without Scott’s distinct designs. This season, he teamed up with the Transformers franchise to bring prints that reflect a fight between good and evil.

The collection also featured gold buttoned and safety pinned berets created by the great, Judy Blame.

Will you be part of the Moschino revolution? Check out the entire collection at

Missed the show? Watch it below:

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