Victoria Beckham Transition Her Style for A More Relaxed Fit

VB is changing it up, but keeping it effortless chic

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Victoria Beckham has been known for her polished looks and high heels, but the former Spice Girl is changing it up–giving up her heels for Birkenstock and a more relaxed fit. Okay, she still wears stilettos on the regular but Beckham is switching it up, especially when she’s traveling all the time. Beckham showcased her new look on Instagram and her fans are absolutely loving it!

Cheeky! Kisses from Miami X VB

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Beckham posted this picture of her in Miami posing with a cheeky painting and her fans just couldn’t believe her transition to a more menswear, relaxed and comfy look.

One fan said: ‘She looks trendy! The worlds best dressed women ???? it’s about time she shows off flats and they are looking gorgeous on her ????’

Another said: ‘Love painting …. love jeans even more ????????’

Thank u to my team for all their hard work on today's show! x vb #dreamteam #VBSS17 #NYFW

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Beckham posted another picture on Instagram wearing sandals, a loose-fitted slacks, a slouchy button-down blouse and a dangling belt. Unlike her usual polished look, this is so new, unexpected, yet so chic.

Here, we see Beckham in her classic polished look and black pumps but in her interview with U.K. Telegraph, Beckham stated, ‘I just can’t do heels anymore. At least not when I’m working. I travel a lot. Clothes have to be simple and comfortable.’

This look is definitely a big transition for Beckham now that she’s choosing a more practical work outfit but if anyone who can wear flats and make it look effortless chic, it’s VB!

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