What Will Melania Trump Wear? A Look at First Lady Inaugural Fashion

A look at First Lady fashion at the Smithsonian shows us inaugural gowns throughout history

Everyone is wondering: who and what will Melania Trump wear to the upcoming inauguration of the President Elect? There has been much talk of petty controversy as labels who previously dressed Mrs. Trump are refusing to in the future. Despite this, she has a wide array of designers to choose from and many are wondering who it will be.

Though it may seem vain or superficial, choosing an inauguration gown is an important decision for a First Lady, as it is a major focal point of the first impression she makes stepping into the White House. The gown is in many ways a reflection of her background and the type of woman she is. Previous First Ladies like Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Clinton specifically chose gowns made by designers from their home states, a very special nod to their roots. Michelle Obama’s gown seemingly takes major inspiration from that of Nancy Reagan, another special nod to the past.

Each inaugural gown of the past has its own special story and significance, from its selection to the First Lady’s feelings in it, to their feelings about it later on. In this amazing video below, a guided tour of the First Lady exhibit at the Smithsonian tells us some of these stories.

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