Ashley Graham On Vogue Magazine Cover, ‘I Chose To Pose Like That’

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The curvy model landed her first Vogue cover alongside models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and others, but her celebration was followed by a lot of controversy over certain parts that could have possibly been manipulated in the image.

Graham is the only curvy model in the photo, and unlike the others, she has her hand covering her thigh. Some Instagram users believe that Hadid’s arm was photoshopped to extend over Graham’s stomach.

One fan said, “I still don’t get why they made you cover your leg!! And you are the only one posing like that.”

Graham responded, “I chose to pose like one told me to do anything.”

Despite Graham’s response, the majority of comments are calling out Vogue for manipulating the photo.

“You look amazing but I am still disappointed in Vogue … Gigi’s hand does not look normal to me … think they may have photoshopped you … god knows why!” said an Instagram user.

Graham is known for advocating body diversity and positivity. She teaches women to embrace and love their bodies. Graham has become a voice for women who don’t have the “ideal petite figure”, and urges society to reevaluate the definition of beauty.

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