Anna Wintour’s Milan Fashion Week Highlights

Fashion’s inclusive finale took the week home

Milan Fashion Week had an array of different designs and innovative thoughts that were showcased out on the runway this season. Anna Wintour, the queen of fashion, gives Vogue the highlights on some of the best moments seen from designers and their novel ideas.

Prada and Gucci were at the top of Wintour’s list. She said that each season they both become stronger in their technique. She saw difference and improvement, which is what the fashion industry needs to keep it interesting. Like many fashion show attendees, Wintour said she doesn’t want the same beige jacket walking down the runway any longer.

She also highlighted the new designer of Marni, Francesco Risso. The collection looked confident and strong to her. This is the first season that Risso has designed for Marni. The founder, Consuelo Castiglioni, stepped down last year.

Wintour’s favorite, however, was Dolce and Gabbana’s runway performance. It was the finale to the week, and it was a show that debuted the most diversity. The design house not only had several models from different racial backgrounds, but they also incorporated people in the fashion industry that weren’t regular models.

There were men, women and children all of different looks, sizes and ages. To Wintour, this is something that needs to be done because it’s something that the younger generation looks for more now than ever.

Watch the video highlight here.

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