Coco Rocha Stars on Five Magazine Covers This Month

The supermodel models for Fashion Magazine for the month of April

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Coco Rocha is a supermodel that has not only achieved one magazine cover but five all at once. Fashion Magazine Canada created a concept where they shot pictures of Rocha and manipulated different makeup and fashion looks with one pose.

Her sleek platinum blonde hair goes with every makeup look, and the editors keep a consistent close-up on her face.

In one shot, the supermodel shimmers with a glitter pink lip and oversized sunglasses. In another, she models an intense blue eyeliner and red lip combo.

Inside the magazine, Rocha is featured with more in-depth shots of outfits with each corresponding makeup look. Bold prints are paired together, while another creative idea involved edgy silhouettes.

She gives an empowering interview about standing up for oneself through social media. Rocha is known for not modeling with too much skin exposed. It’s one of her personal policies. However, after Elle Magazine Brazil ignored her requests, she took to Tumblr to post about how upset she was that the editors neglected to listen to her.

Her confidence and willingness to stand up for herself has served the model well these past few years.

Fashion Magazine’s April issue is available now.

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