Gucci: Bringing Back Socks & Sandals

High-End Brand, Gucci, Reveals Sock Sandals in Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

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Gucci released a new shoe that sparked major controversy in the fashion industry, sock sandals. What?! Every fashion guru’s worst nightmare right? Wrong! Apparently, things have changed since these heeled sock shoes are part of the brand’s spring/summer 2017 collection, and was first modelled at Milan Fashion week back in September.


The look itself is two pieces, the fire engine red heeled shoe and the nude, latex-looking sock that goes in it. Thankfully, the latex sock can be removed from the shoe, transforming it into a classic red heel. The shoe is available in two different lengths as well, over-the-knee and calf-height.

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This Gucci heel is currently available for preorder online. If you want to purchase these babies, well it’s going to cost you a chunk of change that’s for sure. The shoe retails at around $1,190 and that’s considered a reasonable starting price.

Nordstrom recently put out an ad on Twitter of the Gucci “Ilse Sock Sandal,” causing havoc on the social media platform. People are confused, outraged, and entertained by Gucci’s latest shoe venture. Honestly, I’m indifferent to the shoe. All I’m saying is these shoes are definitely not “gucci.”

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