Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Brings Messy Fashion To Bergdorf Goodman’s

Bergdorf’s Gets A New Splash of Trash Fashion Thanks To Marc Jacob’s Pop-Up Shop

A shopper carries a bag outside the Bergdorf Goodman department store on Fifth Avenue in New York, U.S., on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016. The Conference Board is scheduled to release consumer confidence data on November 29. Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg

Marc Jacob’s Pop-Up at Bergdorf’s is definitely something out of their comfort zone. Bergdorf Goodman’s is known for the luxury and elevated ambiance that their clients have grown accustomed to, but this Pop-Up shop remixed the traditional levels of the stores aesthetic. Much of the displays from the set-up had vibrant colors paired with unique images of eyeballs, fingernails, and pill patches.

The traditional Bergdorf client will be surprised when entering the fifth floor, because the set-up is so unconventional and so far away from what they are use to. The reason  for this unconventional flair is mainly due to the Spring collection that Jacobs premiered and the collaboration with Julie Verhoeven who did much with the patchwork and embellishments in the collection.

The Pop-up will be open from now until March 30th at the 5th Avenue location.


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