Old Navy Waves “Hi Fashion” in New Campaign

A favorite bargain brand gives off a whole new outlook

The famous store well-known for bargains is stepping away from the traditional celebrity endorsement and moving into advertising that will be more relatable to shoppers.

For the past few years, celebrities such as Amy Schumer have been premiering in the Old Navy’s ads by boasting about killer deals that can only be found in the store. For example, there’s always a promotion that is either 30 or 40 percent off of regularly priced items. However, like most advertisements, Old Navy began to lose its originality and audience.

Now, the company has stepped out of their comfort zones and have ironically made fun of themselves with the new campaign called “Hi Fashion.” The point of the concept is to showcase the typical Old Navy consumer in the brand’s latest fashions even though it isn’t luxurious like the high-end brands sold in places such as Saks Fifth Ave or Bergdorf Goodman.

The concept also refers back to exactly how it’s spelled out as well. “Hi” is exaggerated in the campaign. Models in the television ad are going about their daily activities in a friendly atmosphere while also displaying the clothing.

Since the deal on the brand’s pants are extremely popular, there are noticeable highlights on the cropped pants featured in the upcoming spring collection.

The campaign is more original than what most consumers are used to. By acknowledging the truth of the brand and the quality of its collection, it actually highlights some of the best parts in a positive way.


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