Uniqlo Will Soon Deliver Products to Stores As Fast As Zara

When you think of Uniqlo, you think basics, staples and essentials. Although Uniqlo and Zara are both fast-fashion companies, Zara is more trendy in comparison to Uniqlo. Other than having trendy pieces, what Zara does best is their ability to bring their designs to their stores in a matter of 2-weeks. Although Uniqlo planned to cut their revenue by 40 percent over the next 5 years, the company has plans to perfect their design-to-delivery strategy by bringing products to customers within 13 days-just on par with Zara’s speed; but their strategy is not just speed but also keeping their unique DNA in mind by delivering products that caters to customers needs.

Uniqlo will use their new automated production facilities to create custom-made products and personalized items, while also utilizing their artificial intelligence to design and deliver more basics to stores in a timely matter.

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