The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Pop Up Proposal Will Not Be a Reality

The idea of a pop up store will continue to be an idea

On May 18th, Manhattan’s Community Board No. 2 unanimously turned down the proposal of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme pop up shop. There was a public hearing on May 8th in New York City about Louis Vuitton x Supreme pop up shop in New York City, proposing that the pop up shop would occur from June 29th, to July 2nd at 25 Bond street.

According to Fashionista, the Community Board explained the multiple reasons of the unanimous disapproval of this pop up shop. The first explanation was that there were several complaints from residents in the area of this pop up shop. The Community Board also has many concerns such as the customers lining up days in advance will be sleeping in the streets, publicly urinating, prohibiting residents from entering their home, and so much more. As well the Community Board believed that Supreme did not have a good management plan for the store.

Since both Louis Vuitton and Supreme are both very popular brands with different audiences, this pop up shop would have a lot of customers. While the store attracting many people it would have caused disruption to the residents living in that area.

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